• Ethereum +126.22
    $1,995.04 +6.75%
  • Bitcoin +2,747.10
    $33,983.7 +8.79%
  • +15.14
    $126.16 +13.64%
  • Cardano +0.16
    $1.25 +15.03%
  • Ripple +0.07
    $0.6348 +12.63%
  • Ethereum Classic +3.16
    $39.17 +8.79%
  • Litecoin +14.70
    $128.98 +12.86%
  • +0.05
    $0.6729 +8.79%
  • +0.00
    $0.1299 +0.00%

Trade Services

4G Trading Experience

Trade between multiple engines such as, Binance, HitBTC, Kraken & 5 more under one platform

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Margin Tranding

Margin trading is a method of trading assets using funds provided by a third party. When compared to regular trading accounts, margin accounts allow traders to access greater sums of capital.
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Strong Security

Our best ANTI-FRAUD monitoring system, & Bots are active 24/7 to provide you a secure environment
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Instant Exchange

Instant Confirmation between multiple engines includes fiats also
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Mobile App

IOS/Android Apps Are Available To Provide You Most Reliable Experience Any Time.
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27/7 Trading

Always Available To Serve You Better Than Ever
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Free Consulting

Our Seniors Brokers Are Always Active To Answer Your Question & To Guide Your Trading Related Queries.
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4th Generation of Digital Assets Trading

Providing 4th generation of trading experience, you can trade our 999+ pairs with different exchange engines like, binance, hitbtc, and allowed you to trade with 85 fiat currencies, and + 2100 cryptocurreinces, providing instant local bank withdrawals to globally bank accounts in fiat includes crypto withdrawals.

Everything You Need in Your Wallet

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GlobelTrade Heat Map

Heatmap is a visual representation of the limit orders put into the order book. On the right side of the vertical timeline is the current order book. On the left side of the vertical timeline is the position of the order book in the past. This information is recorded as a color-coded map.

Personal Portfolio

A trading portfolio consists of different assets vehicles. An trader can own different trading portfolios, each geared towards a different investment strategy. A trading portfolio might hold all kind of cryptos

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Detailed Coin Page

With Depth graph you can check the market situations rise/falls in real time, can check and manage the order book, also you can see the top pairs in market and muck more in GlobelTrade platform

Much more comes with that, Register your Free Account Now